Basket Lane

Basket Lane was created to bring handmade gifts from American artisans to customers looking to show someone that they care. We have selected quality crafted items to fit into themes to help promote mental and emotional health in the lives of the recipients of our gifts. Each basket, itself, is handcrafted and filled with the handmade items that specifically match the themes of relaxation, renewal, mental clarity, positivity and energization. Additionally, we allow customers to customize each basket to specifically fit the needs of the person to which they are giving the basket to.

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Meet the Team

Recently, Julie Wring and her daughters Mary and Amelia have been thinking about how important it was to show others how much they care by giving support and encouragement. Both Julie and Mary have worked
in the health and emotional care industry for over 25 years collectively and have seen the positive effects of support and encouragement. In America, it is traditional to show others we care by giving gifts. Basket Lane was started to provide a simple way for customers to do that. The gifts that most people remember are the handmade gifts that are carefully selected or prepared for them. Basket Lane isdesigned to safely and easily show others that you care.

Julie Wring, Owner, recently retired from over 20 years in health care service. Julie works tirelessly to locate and select the most quality handmade items to provide the ultimate gift giving experience to their customers.

Mary Wring, Designer, works currently as a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor. Mary works to coordinate the handmade items into themes to best care for the recipients of the basket's emotional health.